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Thursday 26 November 2020

 ラスベガス、2020年11月9日 – 女性の扱いに抗議するために、リヤドのチェス大会をボイコットすることを決定したことを知った国際ラエリアン・ムーブメントの精神的指導者であるラエルは、ウクライナのチェスチャンピオン、アンナ・ムジチュク氏に祝福の言葉を贈りました。
 ラエルは、長い間、女性の平等な権利を提唱してきました。彼は、女性も男性のように胸元を露にする権利を主張する「Go Topless運動」を鼓舞しました。彼はまた、クリトリスを切除された女性のために外科的な助けを提供する非営利団体を激励しました。過去47年間の教えを通して、性別を理由に、押し付けられたあらゆるルールから女性が自由になることを奨励しており、アンナ・ムジチュク氏は、女性のセルフリスペクトの完璧な例となっています。

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Rael extends his congratulations to Anna Muzychuk
LAS VEGAS, Nov. 9, 2020 - Upon learning about her decision to boycott the Riyadh chess tournament to protest the treatment of women, Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, offered his congratulations to Ukrainian chess champion, Anna Muzychuk.

Muzychuk lost two world titles in 2018 after opting out of the world speed chess championship, held that year in Saudi Arabia. The chess player refused to defend her titles in protest of Saudi Arabia’s record on women’s rights.

Rael commended her decision “not to play by someone's rules, not to wear an abaya, not to be accompanied getting outside, and altogether not to feel myself a secondary creature.”

Rael has long been an advocate of women's equal rights. He inspired the Gotopless Movement that claims the right for women to be bare chest wherever men can be. He also inspired the non for profit organization that provides surgical help for women who have been genitally mutilated. Through his teachings for the past 47 years, he has also encouraged women to free themselves of all rules imposed on them because of their gender and Anna Muzychuk is a perfect example of a woman self respect.
About the Raelian Movement  et
The Raelian Movement is the largest non-profit atheist organization in the world, which relates how life on earth was created by an extra-terrestrial civilization, known in the original Bible as Elohim, through the synthesis of DNA. 
It brings together 100,000 members from 120 countries who actively publicize the message these extra-terrestrial scientists gave to Rael, with the goal of building an embassy to welcome them officially and propagate their values of peace and non violence. The Raelian Movement is making waves through its non-conformist and politically incorrect philosophy.
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